Quickly and easily notify your registered group via text message of inclement weather conditions such as thunderstorms and tornados.
School & League Notifications - Notify the students/league of upcoming reminders such as team photos, fundraisers, end of season banquets and pre-season registration.
Notify parents, students, the league or your team instantly of venue changes, game delays and cancellations.
STEP ONE - It's really easy to get started! Simply enroll your league or team below by completing the form and importing the mobile numbers of your players and parents. Also, parents and players can join by simply Texting the League/Team "Keyword" to the team/league number.
STEP TWO - Once you enroll, your mobile number will be automatically imported into the Field Alerts system specific to your League/Team. Following this you will receive a welcome email for account verification and setup completion. There are also some very helpful hints; we truly suggest taking the extra minute to become acquainted with these.
STEP THREE - League Admin(s) will have the ability via mobile phone or desktop to send relevant notifications or Alerts in a single broadcast. Also, if you no longer wish to receive notices, Reply "STOP" to any received Alert and you will be removed from the Field Alerts program.
Please submit the form below to enroll in our service for only $1 per mobile number per season. For Help or Questions, please call 1.888.235.8697
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  • What is Field Alerts?
  • Field Alerts is the best, most reliable method of broadcasting a message to everyone on your sports team or organization by sending a single Text Message.
  • Why Field Alerts?
  • For the most complete Recreational League experience. All parents and student athletes will now Know Before They Go!
  • What is the best method for letting Parents and Participants know about Field Alerts?

  • The best methods are on your League/Team Registration Forms. When they are filling out their Name, Address and all Contact information, to have a “check box” informing of league-wide messaging and for just a $1 per registered number they will never miss an announcement.

    Suggested verbiage: “Please Note: By checking this box you are consenting to receiving important updates and field notices from the league administrators via SMS. Standard message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to any message to stop receiving alerts.”
  • Can I send messages from my phone?

  • Yes, it is SIMPLE! Each league and/or team will be issued a unique Long Code (just a standard 10 digit number), and a Keyword that is specific to its League and/or Team. What we suggest is simply storing the Long Code in your phone’s address book (eg. Princeton Lax Alerts), and then anytime you need to send a Text Message Alert to the League you access Princeton Lax Alerts, which automatically populates the number and you just fire away with your Message. ALL associated League Parents and Participants will immediately receive the notification, guaranteed! Of course, the cell phone would have to have text messaging capabilities, but just about all do, especially the teen athlete’s.
  • What is a Keyword?
  • A word or name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short or Long Code Service within the Text Messaging SMS world. SMS=Short Message Service. Keyword example: PtonLaxAlert
  • How much can I say?
  • Each text can be up to 160 characters, including spaces. And for the best experience, receiving a singular text message is better than receiving multiple chaining messages. If you send from our site or from your smart phone’s web browser our counter will help. If texting directly from your phone, be concise, but also realize 160 characters gives you plenty of space for Field Closing, game delays or venue changes.

    (eg. PtonLaxAlert: Fields are closed today due to lightening. Reg practice shall resume tomorrow. Look for text or Email from your coach for further updates.)
  • What is My Field Alerts Text Broadcast #
  • Upon completion of the registration process you will be immediately provided with your Field Alerts phone number. This number should be stored in your mobile phone address book as "Your 'Rec League' Text Alert #" eg. Boca Jets Alerts: Mobile #: 561-555-1212. Please read How do I send for next steps. It is all VERY simple.
  • How do I send the Field Alerts Text Broadcast?
  • There are two manners in which to send the Field Alert. The recommended method is from your desktop. Under the ALERTS tab, Send Alerts, choose the League or Team you desire to send the Broadcast to, Compose the Message and hit Submit and the Broadcast is immediately sent. The only reason this is the recommended method is due to the Character Counter. The best User-experience is to only receive one text per alert rather than chained messages, as the second message may arrive first sometimes. The second, and probably most useful method is directly from your Mobile Phone. First, add your Field Alert # (provided when you registered) to your mobile phone’s address book, as Field Alerts or however you will remember it. To send a Broadcast you will do so just as you Text Message. The “To” will be however you have it named in your address book or the number itself. In the message field you MUST begin the message with #keyword, (no space between # and the keyword) and then whatever your text alert may be.
  • Can anyone in the group just send a Text Broadcast?
  • No, each league or team will have a maximum of 4 administrators that have the ability to send a broadcast.
  • How much does it Cost?
  • It is just a buck for the entire Rec League Season. The initial package for Field Alerts is $1.00 per registered mobile number per season. This package provides, on average, up to 50 alerts per season. This should be more than enough, but in the unlikely event that all messages are utilized; supplemental packages are automatically available for just pennies.
  • What if I do not use my full allotment of texts for my season?
  • All Campaigns expire at the season’s end. However, we do provide one additional broadcast for pre-registration at the start of the next season to get a good head start with all your previously loyal participants.
  • What is "Msg&data rates may apply"?

  • Message and data rates may apply. In other words, when you use our text message services, the only cost to you is whatever your wireless provider charges you to send and receive text messages. If you have an unlimited text-messaging plan, then there is no additional cost. If you don't have an unlimited plan, then it will charge you whatever each text message is for your wireless provider.
  • How do I stop receiving alerts?

  • The best and easiest way to STOP receiving alerts from Field Alerts is to simply Reply “STOP” to any message you receive from us and you will be immediately removed from any future campaigns.
  • I can no longer Receive Field Alerts Texts to my mobile Phone
    - or – I replied STOP and I want to receive Text again.
  • If you have never received a Field Alert previously, just Text the Keyword as furnished by your League Administrator to the Long Code (10-digit number) provided.

    If you have ever replied STOP to the Long Code, the ONLY way to begin to receive messages again is by replying START to a Field Alerts program Long Code.
    For questions, comments, or support, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1.888.235.8697